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Maple City Chicken Bus: Converted School Bus Now Chicken Coop

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Now more than ever, it’s about the simple joys in life. Like taking on a project, raising a family, or maybe it’s converting a school bus into a chicken coop to home your 36 chickens and one rooster!

Andria Metrakos is the proud owner of Red Gate Farm in Maple City.

Here you can find fresh produce, baked goods, fresh cage-free eggs, and the Maple City Chicken Bus.

The chicken bus came when Andria and her fiancé needed to quickly home their flock because winter was coming early.

They saw a bus for sale and made the purchase.

They transformed this old school bus into a chicken coop and the rest was history.

Since they made this move, Andria and her flock have gone viral online. She posts regularly on their Facebook page and people have fallen in love with the quirkiness of the set-up. “If I don’t make a video just about every day I get people texting me or messaging me like where’s the video?” explains Metrakos. Essentially, it’s become a Maple City hidden gem.

If you are interested in visiting Red Gate Farm for yourself or getting a dozen of colorful cage-free eggs,

If you want to follow along with the Maple City Chicken Bus,

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