Great Lakes Cleanup: Traverse City Man Dives for Trash

A Traverse City native is taking it upon himself to help clean up our waters.03 26 20 2gl Clean Up Vo.transfer

Chris Roxburgh is a technical diver. He recently pledged to clean up 80 pounds of trash from the Great Lakes.

On his first dive on Sunday, he was able to collect 10 pounds in about an hour and a half.

Chris says he always picks up trash while he is diving, but he hopes that seeing how much there really is in the water will help raise awareness across the state.

“I want people to know that the plastics pollution in the Great Lakes is a very bad problem,” he said. “All they have to do is bring their trash with them from the festivals and events that we have in Northern Michigan, take it with them, discard it in trash cans, take it from our beaches and shorelines…don’t let the plastics and trash into our waters, because it’s becoming so bad that our environment is going to be affected by it.”

Chris plans to do another dive this weekend.