Gov. Whitmer Officially Asks Federal Government for Disaster Declaration

Governor Gretchen Whitmer officially asked for help from the federal government Thursday.

If granted, a disaster declaration like this will open up funding, loans and resources for Michigan as the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths climb across the state.

Governor Whitmer has been pleading with the federal government for assistance and chastising the administration for not doing enough. Whitmer

But Wednesday FEMA announced Michigan had not yet asked for a major disaster declaration like other states had.

Thursday she changed that and officially made the request.

Whitmer says Michigan took their time making the request to learn what other states were requesting and getting and, more importantly, missing in their requests so that Michigan got it right.

She said their initial focus and energy was spent on slowing the spread and mitigating the virus before asking the federal government.

Whitmer began the press conference Thursday reiterating her stay-at-home declaration this week is not optional, it is not a recommendation — it is an order to stay in your home except for essential business and responsible exercise.

The more people follow the rules, the hope is the quicker the state can get through this.

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Chief Medical Executive Dr. Joneigh Khaldun says we are still a few weeks from hitting the apex of the spread and right now the state is searching for unconventional places to house and care for COVID-19 cases.

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