Dyson Focuses on Making Ventilators to Help Fight COVID-19

Dyson may be known for vacuum cleaners and hand dryers, but the coronavirus has forced the company to shift its focus to ventilators.

James Dyson designed a new one in just ten days. 3 26 20 Noon Dyson Ventilators Vo.new.01

Now he’s making 15,000 of them to fight COVID-19.

He sent a letter to employees confirming the British government’s order for 10,000 units.

The company says it designed and built an entirely new ventilator called the CoVent after getting a call ten days ago from U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Dyson says the CoVent is designed for COVID-19 patients and can be manufactured quickly, which is key as the demand rises fast.

A company spokesperson says the ventilators should be ready by early April.


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