TC Paddle Boarder Discovers Stolen Bike in Boardman Lake

Lost and found in 24 hours: a $5,000 fat tire bike has been recovered in the Boardman Lake in Traverse City.

BikeSomeone snatched the high-dollar set of wheels after throwing a rock through the store window and nabbing it on Monday night.

Tuesday, a paddle boarder found the bike sitting in the Boardman Lake.

Traverse City resident Eric Sika was paddling when he noticed the wheels sticking up in a few feet of water. Quickly, he realized that what he discovered was the exact model that had been reported missing!

He recovered the bike and paddled a mile and a half to the Traverse City Police Department to turn in the lost item.

“It was pretty crazy to find a $5000 bike in five feet of water,” said Sika. “It’s not something you expect every single day…to do something nice and get the bike back to them was definitely a no-brainer for me.”

Sika said the bike was hardly affected or damaged.

The Traverse City police are investigating the break-in.