Northern Michigan Nursing Home Target of False Coronavirus Rumor

Northern Michigan’s News Leader has been flooded with calls and emails from concerned family members saying that Wellsprings Lutheran Services in Fairview was going to be “importing” COVID-19 patients from downstate.

That’s just not true. 03 25 2020 Nursing Home Rumors Pkg 6

Several posts have been circulating around social media.

One post claims Wellsprings Lutheran Services is bringing COVID-19 patients in to care for them at their facility. That post has over 200 shares.

Another starts by saying “this is not fake,” which is never a good sign it’s reliable information.

That post says they even were on a conference call about it.

They all point to a memo making its rounds on Facebook.

While it is extremely hard to read, there are no mentions of COVID-19 patients being “imported” for care there.

In a statement, Wellsprings says all of it is just not true.

“It has been erroneously reported on social media that COVID-19 patients are “being imported” from downstate to our skilled nursing facility in Fairview,” Wellsprings said in a statement.

One post claims other local nursing homes are doing the same.

This is also not true.

9&10 News has received calls from nursing homes across the state, all saying they are not bringing in COVID-19 patients.

Wellsprings says, they with state and federal leaders, as well as nursing homes across the state,  have “been proactively and safely planning in the event that COVID-19 presents itself in the greater community or even in our own facility.”

In this time of uncertainty, it’s extremely important you find trusted sources for information, like us at Northern Michigan’s News Leader.

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