MTM On the Road: Maple Syrup Season at Alpine Maple Farms in Gaylord

Many things have been affected by the coronavirus, but one thing that remains untouched is nature.03 25 20 745 Alpine Maple Pkg.transfer

Sap continues to flow from maple trees in Northern Michigan to make sweet delicious maple syrup.

Alpine Maple Farms is a maple syrup business in Gaylord that makes and sells 100% maple syrup and maple products.

Since they are an agricultural business, they are able to continue production under the stay-at-home order and right now is peak maple syrup season.

Alpine Maple Farms is a new sugar bush where they have 50 acres of property where they show the process of making syrup from the tap of the tree to the final product. They have more than just syrup too. They make candies nuts, maple cotton candy, pancakes, meats and more.

People are also able to get their sticky sweet syrup to their door step.

Serendipity Farms in Wolverine will be offering the majority of Alpine Maple Farms products to people, through their delivery service! Click here to order.

Alpine Maple Farms will also do carry out orders while the Stay-at-Home order is in place.

Join Regan Blissett and photojournalist Stephanie Adkins as they learn more about the delicious gold that tops pancakes!


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