Fishtown Sail Co: Recycling Old Sails and Making New Accessories

Fishtown Sail Company is not only doing what’s best for our planet, but what’s best for your closet! Phyllis Folley-Wanroy has been taking old, unused sails and turning them into handbags and accessories since 2010. This innovative way of thinking is giving people a one-of-a-kind bag with the opportunity to customize at her small, quirky and nautical shop in Leland.Promo Fishtown

The process starts with picking the sail. Are you wanting a modern-day racing sail? Something vibrant in color? Do you have one of your own that holds meaning? That is your call. From there, Phyllis will cut the sail and sew it into a bag. You can choose from hardware or “jewelry”, the options are endless.

Then onto full-on customization. Do you have a sailing number? Do you want navigation flags on your bag? Phyllis ensures this bag is 100% your own “Souvenir of the lake”. You can choose from several different styles, from a standard tote to a messenger bag.

This is not only a fun gift but could be the chance to memorialize someone or your past. Many of Phyllis’ customers bring in sails from their loved one who has since passed or their old sail that has been simply collecting dust in the garage. These are special memories and people that can be simply turned into a timeless treasure.

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