Audio Assemble Holding Online Music Festival for Struggling Musicians

With many musicians out of a job due to the coronavirus, they’re coming together to make it through this difficult time. 

A company called Audio Assemble is looking for 12 artists to perform for their online music festival, Plugged In.

Each musician will get $200 to perform a 20 to 30-minute set. Audio Assemble Sot Vo 4.transcoded.01.transfer

The music festival will run April 8 through April 10,  with four artists performing on each of those days.

Fans can ‘upvote’ performances, giving artists the chance to win up to an additional $400. 

Funds are being provided through Audio Assemble, as well as a Go Fund Me page

Audio Assemble says they’ve already received over 100 applicants. 

Their goal is to provide some relief,  both financially and mentally. 

 “It’s a way to connect sort of the realism of what’s going on with people right now and they’ll be able to see a real, live aspect performance of stepping into someone’s room and their daily life and potentially even all the emotions they’re feeling from all of this,” said Thomas Rudy, owner of Audio Assemble. 

They hope to continue with a follow-up festival to help as many artists as they can. 

You can click here Audio Assemble’s Facebook page or here for their website for more information on the Plugged In Music Festival.

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