Talking Trash: Smoke Detectors

Now is the time of year when we might start on that spring cleaning. With that comes changing out either old fire alarms or carbon monoxide detectors if they’ve outlived their timeframe. Since the state is on a stay at home order, it’s best to hold on to the old alarms and detectors and wait to bring them to fire stations.  That’s where they can be properly recycled so they don’t end up in the trash.Promo Trash.transcoded.01.transfer

In fact, Grand Traverse Metro Fire Department in Traverse City will gladly take them off your hands. Lieutenant and Public Information Officer for Grand Traverse Metro Fire Department, Kyle Clute says there are certain components within the devices that need to be properly taken apart and disposed of. That’s where the first staff wants to help.

Again, with the stay at home order in place for Michigan residents, it’s best to hold on to your alarms and box them up for when the order and coronavirus crisis is lifted.

For more information and a direct link to the Grand Traverse Metro Fire Department click here. 

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