MTM On The Road: Clare Co. Transit Corp. Offers Grocery, Prescription Delivery

Senior residents in Clare County and people that have high risk factors associated to the coronavirus do not have to worry about traveling to the grocery store or to the pharmacy.03 24 20 715 Clare Co Meals Pkg.transfer

The Clare County Transit Corporation is considered an essential service and they are offering a new assistance program to pick up groceries and prescription medicine and deliver them to the doors of Clare County residents.

To use this service, people have to call their store of choice, give them a shopping list, arrange payment over the phone and leave your address. When the order is complete, the store will call CCTC for transportation of your groceries.

The service is free of charge and all bus fares are free for people who have emergency doctors’ appointments they have to attend.

Some of the stores participating are Gateway Pharmacy in Clare, Steve’s Country Market in Harrison and Carrow’s Supermarket in Farwell, Right Aid, and Walgreens.

Wake up with Regan Blissett and photojournalist Stephanie Adkins as they learn more about the service and how the transit plans to keep riders safe.

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