Day Eleven of Self-Quarantine: Taking Time for Yourself, Christine Kanerva’s Blog

Hello northern Michigan,

It’s day eleven of my self-quarantine and I still have no symptoms after my trip to Europe about two weeks ago.

Now with the Stay Home, Stay Safe order in place, I think it’s important keep your mind healthy and take time for yourself. For me that’s putting on a little makeup, even when I’m not going anywhere.

I’ve struggled to keep myself motivated the last eleven days. Doing something that I normally would be doing if I were at work, like putting on makeup, has helped with that. I feel like when I put on makeup I feel a little bit more confident and ready for the day.

That’s because I believe that when you feel good, you do good.

So, if you have a conference call today or just need the motivation to get out of bed, push yourself to take a shower, take a refreshing walk in your yard or put on your favorite shirt. Whatever you need to do to feel good and see what you can accomplish!

What are you doing to keep your mind healthy? Email me and

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