The Bringer of Sunshine: World Down Syndrome Day

When Katelyn Scott was pregnant with her first child she got a surprise. A surprise that changed her and her husband’s world for the better.

Madison Gardner met with them to hear about their son, Colton.

Katelyn said, “We found out early that Colton was going to be born with Down syndrome so we had plenty of time to educate ourselves and prepare for that.”World Down Syndrome Pkg 4.transcoded.01.transfer

When Colton was born this fear quickly faded and their lives were quickly filled with joy and happiness.

Katelyn said, “We call him the bringer of sunshine.”

The bringer of sunshine-because he has something a little extra to give…

Katelyn said, “Down syndrome is the 21st chromosome- there are three copies instead of 2. So they have 47 chromosomes and that affects every single cell in the body.”

But just like every 3-year-old boy, he is full of energy.

Katelyn said, “People with Down syndrome are they’re just so full of love and they’re sassy and just characters.”

A total character eager to bust some moves, but Katelyn knows this is going to be an uphill battle for her son.

She said, “There’s so much that people with Down syndrome have to go through and fight for that any person shouldn’t have to go through.”

And she’s willing to fight along with him each step of the way.

She said, “He just changed me. He’s helped me grow up, he’s made me a better person all around.”

Encouraging unconditional love, acceptance and inclusion-not just in the Scott household but in society.

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