Grocery Stores Exempt From Stay-at-Home Order

Grocery stores are on the list of essential services that are not affected by the Governor’s executive order.

Some people are gearing up to lock down and many are getting what they need from the store on Monday. Reactions to the Governor’s executive order are as varied as the grocery lists.

It’s not your typical weekday at the grocery store. While it’s not erupting into chaos, shoppers have the Governor’s Executive Order on their mind.

Olivia Kuhr from Williamsburg says, “I think social distancing is for the best. I think really people should be staying at home. I just came to get my lock down groceries. Got my tofu, they had some in stock. No eggs though, and I’m a little bummed about that.”

Kuhr isn’t sure quite what to make of it. “At first I thought it was blown out of proportion. However I do work in the medical field and just got laid off today. So I feel like it’s a pretty big deal at this point.”

Jennifer Stairs from Grand Traverse County says, “I think it was the right move. I think that if we are going to slow it down long enough for hospitals to keep up then we are going to have to start limiting contact as much as possible.”

Stairs and her family are getting beer and turkey and a few essentials off the normal list. “This is the first time I’ve left home in over a week.”

She’s not worried about being cooped up inside. “We’ve been good, we’ve been hanging out. My daughter’s got me on a workout schedule so I’m keeping fit as well. Doing puzzles and reading books.”

But she is worried about the health impacts on her family. “We are trying to be optimistic. Obviously there’s concern. I worry about my sister she works in the hospital. I worry about my mom, she could get called back to the hospital, she’s a retired nurse. So those are the kinds of things I worry about. Family members, my mother-in-law who is 80.”

Shopper Chad Marvin isn’t convinced the Coronavirus requires such drastic action, but thinks people will be getting sick no matter what steps are taken. “You just contain anyone that is sick at home, with other people that aren’t sick, and then, they get sick and more people get sick. And it’s just not gonna stop it.”

Stairs adds, “It’s been crazy. I keep saying I hope I never have to live through another pandemic again. And I worry that my children might have to.”

Kuhr is holding on to a positive attitude about her time stuck – mostly – at home. “I am a student and so I still have my classes online. So I guess I’m going home to continue my classes.”

We talked with one grocery store employee who tells us that they hope whenever possible, people will come alone to shop. They want to remind everyone that the more people you bring with you to the store – like kids and entire families – the more people you put at risk. The employee, who didn’t want to be interviewed on camera, says “if we get sick, then what happens to the stores?”

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