Artist Kody Wagner Produces Specialty Items

In middle school, Kody Wagner was the student who didn’t exactly follow directions in the art class.

His projects were bigger than others, with more paint and more colors, but that drive got him where he is today.

Kody has his own workshop producing specialty items.Soo Kody Art Vo 4.transcoded.01.transfer

From using hand tools to the latest in cutting technology, his work is extraordinary.

Kody said, “I got to play with some power tools that I got from a friend and figured out I can make what I wanted and figured out every little thing what people were looking for on Facebook and Etsy. And now with this, I can type in my coordinates. I can do it on this now with much more detail. I am doing one for mid-American title right now for the wall in their office. It is going to be about four feet by four feet. And I have also done a clock for them. People all have something that they like. Music, putting on festivals, helping people out…doing a lemonade stand. It’s anything that you like to do. Mine just happens to be art.  Find something you like to do.  It’s almost guaranteed someone will pay you to live that dream!”

Wagner does take special orders and you can find his information by clicking here.

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