Samaritas Staffers Working to Protect Seniors

Local senior centers are struggling in the midst of this pandemic.

Some homes say they have lost employees who are considered at risk and need to stay home during this time.

The Samaritas Senior Living Center in Traverse City says they need more staffing because the outbreak makes seniors more vulnerable.

They are looking for additional people to work in one-on-one care positions.

Samaritas also has openings from kitchen service, housekeeping and event planning.87290813 3163919270500693 2622238939078983680 O

They say this is an opportunity for those that are wondering how they can help.

Samaritas Vice President of Human Resources, Todd Hanselman, says, “we do have a unique opportunity with this current crisis to match what we’re looking for with people who may have the need for work or additional work or short term work.”

All employees are being screened to try and protect both the staff and residents.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for Samaritas click here, to see their employment opportunities click here.

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