Cadillac Man Urging Community Support For Local Businesses Through Raffle

“They’re always giving us donations and they’re always supporting us and now I think it’s our time to support them back,” said Matt Logan, owner of Logan Farm and Sawmill.

While he says his business will recover after the coronavirus settles down, it’s other local small businesses he’s worried about. Small Business Impact

“I have a lot of friends that own restaurants and clothing stores downtown, mom and pop type stuff,” said Logan. “I’ve been talking to some of them and they’re terrified about what this is going to do to their business.”

So he decided to do something about it. 

“If everybody could just give $25 to a bunch of small businesses, I’d think we’d keep all these businesses floating during this,” said Logan.

All you have to do is send him your receipt on Facebook that shows you spent at least $25 at a local small business and you will be entered into a raffle to win some pretty cool things. 

That includes a slab of wood Logan is donating. 

Many places,  including Latitude 44 in Manton are putting in gift cards for the raffle.  

“The nice thing about northern Michigan is that communities help communities. It doesn’t matter if we have people coming from Cadillac, Manton, or Kingsley or Lake City. Everybody does what they can to help each other,” said  Cory Danford, the owner of Latitude 44. 

There is no limit on how many times you can enter. 

In fact, they hope to have thousands of entries. 

Small business owners in our community say they need you now more than ever.

“It’s a big world but it’s a small community when times of need and everybody has kind of come together,” said Danford.

The raffle will be on April 1 on Facebook live through Logan’s page.

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