Registered Dietitians Offer Tips for Staying Healthy During Quarantine

With rising concerns about the coronavirus, many are finding themselves at home more than usual.

With restaurants only offering take out or delivery, many are hitting the grocery stores to keep their cabinets stocked.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Dietitian, Grace Derocha, says that it’s not about stock piling but making sure to shop smart and make healthy choices.

“Think about adding lots of different colors, lots of different nutrients, lots of different food groups,” says Derocha.

So what items should you keep in mind while grocery shopping?Img 1749

Derocha says, “Pasta, rice, beans-whether it be canned beans or dry beans, vegetables whether it be frozen or canned. Nuts, oatmeal, tuna, even canned chicken.”

Blue Cross Blue Shield says that while it is important to have non-perishables in your cabinet, this shouldn’t scare you from buying fresh produce.

If you do feel like it may go to waste you can always put it in the freezer.

Spectrum Health Dietitian, Bailey Parmelee, says that spending this extra time at home can lead to mindless snacking or stress eating.

“I’m usually going to tell people we gotta identify ways we can manage our stress that’s not eating,” says Parmelee.

She says the best way to avoid stress eating is to keep your mind and body active.

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