Northern Michigan Cleaning Company Gives Away 400 Bottles of Disinfectant

So many things have become tough to find in stores now, including disinfectant.

A Northern Michigan cleaning company wants to make sure everyone can keep their house clean.  03 19 2020 Disinfectant Giveaway Noon Broll

“I was praying and I just felt in my heart this was what I was supposed to do,” said Wendy Nellett.

She has been cleaning things up for 7 years with Wendy’s Cleaning & Services. Thursday, she helped people clean things, in a different way.

“My grandmother taught me, you always stay ahead a little bit, and we buy in bulk,” Wendy said.

So, with her extra supplies-she decided to give away *400 bottles of disinfectant to the community.

“What good is it going to do having it all sit in my closet, so I wanted to share it with everyone I could,” Wendy said.

Car by car pulling through to grab their bottle.

“We want to help the families that weren’t able to get this product,” Wendy said.

Just like Kathy…

“I just think it’s a spectacular thing she’s doing for the public I can’t get out and get cleaning supplies,” Kathy Adelaine said. “God bless them all for doing this.”

Emmet County Recycling even came by for a few bottles, as they too, are low on disinfectant.

“As with everyone else, we’ve upgraded our disinfecting routine, we are just going through it very quickly,” said Wendy Fought, Drop-Off Center Manager. “We’re a pretty large facility so this will aid in our processing area we can use really quickly.”

“It’s important for us to stay generous at this time and help each other as much as we can,” Wendy said.

And that she’s looking for ways to spread positivity.

“Make the best out of this situation and have fun with it,” Wendy said.

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