Wellness Wednesday: Acupuncture for Cancer Patients

We have been talking about acupuncture the last few weeks at Imagine Health in Traverse City, but this week is a little different.

Melissa Smith met with licensed acupuncturist Sarah Rasmussen to talk about how she is treating the side effects of chemotherapy for cancer patients with this ancient Chinese method.Acupuncture Pkg 4.transfer

She works at not only Imagine Health, but also has a booth at the Cowell Family Cancer Center in Traverse City which is open to the public, but they focus on treating cancer patients.

Sarah says that this can make the side effects of chemotherapy more tolerable and help solve problems related to nausea and energy.

To learn more about their work at Imagine Health, click here.

For more information on their booth at the Cowell Family Cancer Center, click here.

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