Northern Michigan in Focus: Anne Bonney on Staying Positive

With all the uncertainty in our world right now, it’s hard to stay positive.

For this week’s Northern Michigan in Focus we sit down with motivational speaker Anne Bonney for some inspiration on how to get through these difficult times.


Hey northern Michigan, this is Anne Bonney coming at you from Traverse City with a message of positivity. 03 18 20 Nmif Anne

We are in a period of unprecedented times. Things are changing and there are lots of unknowns and there are lots of knowns, and all of that is pretty scary. So how do we stay positive? Because if nothing else we’ve got to stick together in this thing and maintain a positive attitude so we don’t go crazy.

The first thing I want you to remember is we are all in this together. This big response is mainly to avoid a giant problem, medically. So while we are a little inconvenienced, well a lot inconvenienced, we are doing this so that we keep this community as healthy as we can. So we reach out to your neighbors and reach out to your friends. I’ve had a couple phone calls over the last couple of days that have been so uplifting. Old friends and calling him up and saying ‘Hey, how are you doing.’

Another thing I’ve been doing I’ve been doing is having Skype coffee dates. I had a bunch of coffee dates lined up with friends. Coffee shops are closed so we’re not doing that so I said let’s grab a cup of coffee and meet on Skype. It’s a little weird and it’s not quite the same but I still had that human interaction and we still had laughs and we still realize that everything will eventually be okay.

Another thing you can do that’s really helped me lately is focus on what you “can do”. Anytime we are in times of change, whether it’s work or at home or when there’s a pandemic there’s a lot of unknowns and there are a lot of things that we are losing and we focus on that, right? What you need to do is focus on what you “can do”. I’ve been taking a lot of long walks. If you have your kids home how can you monopolize that time. We’re certainly not going out to dinner so you might as well take advantage of the time that you have. So focused on what you “can do”.

Another thing on focusing on what you “can do” is focus on what you can do for your health. Drinking a lot of water or eating a lot of vegetables, washing your hands, exercising. Whether it’s a walk, you know it doesn’t have to be a sweat fest you can just take a walk. When we take control of our own situations we feel more resilient and less freaked out.

My last tip for you is stay up-to-date. Yes, it’s important that we know what’s going on because stuff is changing by the minute but also take a break from all the social media and the news because when we’re constantly focused on it, it really becomes overwhelming and we’ll really amp up your anxiety and that’s not going to help your health. Good luck everybody, stay healthy out there and hopefully soon, I’ll see you out in public.

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