Michelle Cooks with Burritt’s Fresh Markets: New York Strip

We are talking all things steak as we step back into the kitchen with Burritt’s Fresh Markets of Traverse City.

Michelle was with Jake Kaberle and Adam Eastman to teach you how to up your grill skills this summer.

Here are the instructions:Md Cooks Vo 4.transfer

  1. Pre-Heat Oven to 250
  2. Rest Meat at room temperature for 1 hour
  3. Simple Salt and Pepper (or a seasoning blend like Burritt’s West Front Rub)
  4. 30min+ in a low oven
  5. Transfer to Skillet on Med/High heat with butter/oil mixture
  6. 2 minutes each side
  7. Let rest for 5 minutes on cutting board
  8. Serve whole or Slice to Serve

Michelle Cooks is a paid segment by Burritt’s Fresh Markets.

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