Mammoth Distilling Giving Away Homemade Sanitizer

The coronavirus has shut down many parts of the food and drink industry, but one local distillery is still staying busy.

Mammoth Distilling isn’t making their usual spirits, they’re now making hand sanitizer.

The distillery is concocting alcohol-based sanitizers with excess product.

They’ve shut down the tasting room to customers for the time being, but are open to anyone in the community who can’t find a disinfectant.

Any customer can come in to fill up a small container for free.Img 4328

The hospitality manager says they were inspired by distilleries who started doing this in Seattle, one of the country’s biggest epicenters for COVID-19.

“If we can’t provide what we do on a daily basis to consumers, at least we can provide what we can to the community and try to offer something that might ease their mind,” said hospitality manager Stuart Hickman.

You can stop by either of Mammoth’s tasting rooms in Bellaire or Traverse City for their hand sanitizer.

The company is also running discounts on their spirits, with profits going to their workers who are currently without a paycheck.

Gov. Whitmer announced on Thursday that Michigan’s licensed distilleries are now permitted to produce ethanol-based hand sanitizes.

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