Churches To Livestream Services Amid Coronavirus Concerns

Local churches are wanting to continue services in anyway they can, even with Coronavirus concerns. Church Livestreams Vo 10.transfer

Many are opting for livestreaming or pre-recording and posting their services, like Rollins Christian Fellowship in Manton, Temple Hill Baptist and First Baptist in Cadillac, and Harrietta United Methodist.

The pastors of these churches want to be able to still make it possible for their members to have access to services, especially in these times.

“Just trying to be that light in the community that we’re called to be in ways of reaching out to those in need and in ways of giving messages of hope and encouragement for those in this time that don’t really have a whole lot,” said Dillon Gatehouse, the pastor at Rollins Christian Fellowship.

“The live streaming is pretty much going to be the new normal for right now,” added Andy Brubaker, the pastor at Temple Hill Baptist. “Obviously there’s still a lot of uncertainty and unknowns about how long the virus will last and the impact it will have on our communities so we want to be faithful on our part to continue to offer a message of hope.”

Check your church’s Facebook pages and websites to see if they will be posting their services online as well.

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