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Tech Tuesday: Regulating Online Content Aimed at Kids

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It’s no secret that kids are increasingly spending time online, and a new Senate bill is looking to keep kids safe by regulating online content aimed at kids.

We break down the details in this week’s Tech Tuesday.

A new bill in the U.S. Senate would regulate the way online sites display and promote content and ads aimed at children under the age of 16.

The includes advertising rules and protects children’s interests as the ways they consume media evolve.

The KIDS Act would prohibit operators of platforms aimed at users under the age of 16 from using auto-play settings on videos.

It would also ban operators from encouraging young users by offering them badges for playing games or sending them push alerts.

The bill would also prohibit websites from recommending unboxing videos or other types of influencer marketing to kids.

Recommending content that involves nicotine, tobacco or alcohol to those under 16 would also be prohibited.

Another recently proposed bill called the would ban tech companies from using auto-play videos or awarding badges to users based on how much time they spend on websites or apps, regardless of the age of their users.