Local Musicians Feel Impact of Coronavirus

Local musicians are among many struggling amidst the coronavirus spread. 

With the closure of Michigan bars and restaurants, many have lost gigs and are getting creative with how to stay afloat during this time. Jake Allen

“It’s important for fans now to really get involved because we need fans now more than we ever really have,” said Jake Allen, a local musician. 

Following the closure of all Michigan restaurants and bars, musicians like Jake Allen have lost gigs they depend on. 

“Generally speaking the way that ya artists make our money is through live shows, gigs at bars, events like that,” said Allen. “For the foreseeable future, that’s all shut down.”

However he says many artists are using their creativity to keep fans engaged. 

“A lot of people are doing live streaming events so concerts from their living rooms,” said Allen. “Buying artist’s music online and also contributing to fundraisers.”

Allen has a fundraising page where fans can donate and even have the chance at some perks including a brand new guitar. 

Donations will help him stay afloat and also help with the release of his new album, Affirmation Day. 

“My new record is not out yet and In order to get it out there, I’m going to need to really lean into my friends and family and fans at this point,” said Allen. 

Because of the coronavirus, Allen’s European tour had to be cancelled. 

“Having all of that kind of shut down right before me, it’s shocking but it’s also a way to find resilience and find a silver lining and figure out different ways we can still connect on a personal level,” said Allen. 

Through this all, he’s keeping a positive spirit. 

“Coming together in a communal way and figuring that out as a whole is really going to be the key to our success and to us staying resilient in a time this difficult,” said Allen. 

Click here for a link to Allen’s website.

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