Inside The Kitchen at Budd Lake Bar and Restaurant in Harrison

The corner of First and Main Street in Harrison used to be a church for the loggers in the 1800’s.

It still has the same foundation and front door, but now serves as Budd Lake Bar & Restaurant.

They are offering carry-out right now from 12 p.m. until 7 p.m. during the coronavirus pandemic .

9&10’s Lauren Scafidi visited last week, to take you inside the kitchen.

“I’m going to make you a hobo nacho, that’s something new on our menu,” said kitchen manager, John Rauch.

“So think of like a nacho but Southern style,” he said.

It starts with beef brisket and from the get-go, incorporates the good stuff, which is hobo sauce.

“Well there’s barbecue sauce, horseradish, and honey and then demi glaze, we made this up ourselves,” he said.

Some cheese of course, on top of the homemade tortilla chips seasoned with popcorn salt.

Also new on the menu is the mac and chicken.

The secret is the sauce.

It’s made with heavy cream, garlic, chicken stock, and American and pepper jack cheeses.

It’s quick to become a favorite on the menu.

“It’s probably one of my favorite things I have had on the menu so far,” said Julia Hallauer.

But not as new as the hobo nachos or mac and chicken – the blooming onion.

“This is a little trick give it a little spit throw it in there,” said John. “It kind of opens it up honestly.”

Designed for dipping.

“It’s a Cajun mayo, it’s got jalapeños in it, roasted garlic in there, Cajun spice and just mayo,” said John.

That recipe has been around since Julia Hallauer’s dad opened Budd Lake Bar & Restaurant in Harrison in 2011.

“We have had it for about a decade and the locals here are what make it special to my family,” said Julia. “You’d see him every day sitting at the bar and befriending everyone here he loved everyone so much.”

Julia’s dad passed away a few years ago, but her family is making sure his love for this local staple lives on.

“There’s just like something very lovely and unique about Harrison and the locals here and the bonds they’ve established with both the front of the house workers here and themselves, it’s really great,” she said. “We are really proud of that.”

Again, Budd Lake Bar & Restaurant in Harrison is offering carry-out right now during the coronavirus pandemic.

A link to their website and menu can be found here.

Budd Lake Bar & Restaurant is located at 198 E. Main Street in Harrison, and their phone number is 989-539-5500.


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