CMU Opens Residence Halls Back Up To Students

When students at Central Michigan University left for spring break, they didn’t know that they would not be able to get back into their rooms in their residence halls due to campus moving to online-only classes due to Coronavirus concerns.

On Sunday at noon however, they opened the halls back up.

This measure was done to give students who don’t have anywhere else to go, a place to stay. It also gave students the chance to have access to their rooms to get things they made need.

“I’m just going to pick up all the small things and try to fit as much as I possibly can,” said CMU freshman Brenden Baba. “And if does extend to longer where all the other schools in Michigan that have closed down and told their students to move out then I’ll have less to pack when I come back.”

The situation is ever-changing but they are tentatively planning on having classes resume on April 6.

Central Michigan University’s campus is open for regular business as well.

“We have offices that are open, service offices, so students who may need to stop in and take care of university business we have staff to handle those things,” said Tony Voisin, Vice President for Enrollment and Student Services. “Our library is open, so I don’t want to say it’s business as normal because it’s not quite business as normal but the university is open and we’ll continue to serve students.”

The university says their number one priority is students, and that’s why they have made sure to accommodate them in any way, including opening a dining hall and making sure there are counseling services available.

“The university will continue to offer support services to students, and our counseling center is open to students who, certainly there’s a lot of anxiety surrounding this,” added Voisin. “All of us have some anxiety and so for those student who feel the need to talk with someone to help manage that, our counseling center is open. We also have services that are available online for students who may not be able to make it to campus. Just continuing to try and do the best we can to take care of everyone in a very strange time.”

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