State Officials Host Benzie Co. Lakeshore Erosion Presentation

As spring approaches, those April showers could become problematic for lakeshore residents. Benzie Co Erosion Meeting Vo 10.transfer

Near record water levels in the Great Lakes have been rapidly eroding our lakeshore and the Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy says, it’s likely to continue.

EGLE, along with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and others, hosted another lakeshore erosion presentation on Thursday night.

This time for Benzie County residents.

They say that over the course of a year, lake levels generally rise in spring, and decrease during winter.

But this year levels stayed the same and are expected to rise more, unless we have an unusually dry summer.

“If the faucet turns off, and we return to very dry, a hot dry summer. Those would be the conditions that would pull water levels down. Big picture is that we’re looking at another year of very high and even record high water levels, and the impacts associated with those are going to remain,” said Deputy Chief of Engineering, Keith Kompoltowicz.

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