Traverse City Cherry Capital Airport Preparing, Making Plans to Deal with Potential Coronavirus

Airports around the country, including Traverse City’s Cherry Capital Airport, are monitoring the coronavirus outbreak to prevent the disease from spreading in their facilities.

Covid19 Tvc Web ImageWhile Cherry Capital is a relatively small airport, it still connects with some of the country’s biggest cities.  They have direct flights to places like New York City, which is dealing with a growing number of coronavirus cases.

TVC says they have plans with local health officials about how to respond if a sick person comes through.

“There’s … additional procedures in case someone that comes into the facility or flies in that may be suspected of having that,” said director Kevin Klein. “We have procedures to ensure how we quarantine and work with emergency health officials to get assistance for that individual.”

The airport has boosted their cleaning efforts and they’re sanitizing multiple parts of the building several times a day.

They also have a plan with the FAA and they are talking regularly with airlines and health professionals.

Klein spoke with American Airlines early Wednesday morning. The line says they’re wiping down every plane after every flight, and other airlines have released similar plans.

Cherry Capital is reminding travelers to check the Center for Disease Control’s travel warnings if you’re planning to fly soon.

Klein says there’s several things you may want to consider bringing with you in your carryon bag.

“Travel with hand sanitizer, bring your own, you can bring 3 ounces or less in your carryon bag, so bring hand sanitizer with you so you have it,” said Klein. “Feel free to bring wipes so you can wipe your tray table, in addition to what the airlines are doing, feel free to do that. Wear protective gloves if you want to, that’s your personal choice to do that.”

Doctors say a face mask is not needed and remember to wash your hands before eating or after using the bathroom, especially if you’re traveling.


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