Northern Michigan in Focus: P-Stone Creations

You know the saying, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

We found a couple in Williamsburg who has done just that.

Corey Adkins introduces you to them in this week’s Northern Michigan in Focus.

“I do, I have respect, a whole new respect for our water and our land amazing. It’s amazing the minerals that we have in our state and I didn’t realize how many people actually come here just for the rock hounding, but it’s pretty amazing,” said Ryan Thomas with P-Stone Creations.

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“It started out as a hobby, and it just kind of blossom from there,” said Ryan.

Michelle Thomas added, “We went to a Petoskey stone fest, I think in 2014, and decided this was just what we wanted to do. So we bought our first rock machine and never looked back.”

Ryan and Michelle are founders of P-Stone Creations. They found a way to live their dream when they found a hobby they we’re really good at.

“You were working construction and I was working at Family Video and I ended up leaving my job two years after we started. He left his job last year,” explained Michelle.

From drywall and video rentals to making beautiful art.

“I still pinch myself. I never thought that that this is what I’d be doing. It really amazes me that we are able to take just a stone off the ground and turn it into a knife or something that somebody wears every day, so it’s exciting,” said Michelle.

It’s not easy.  You can’t replace rock if you screw up.

“Once you grind it too far, it’s done and you got to start over. We have quite a few. Five years’ worth,” explained Ryan.

There are zero chemicals used in this process.

“Just a little water. A lot of it was a learning curve, finding out where to get a machine, how to start, and what to do. But once you get it down, you’re pretty much just starting at a heavy grit and then working your way all the way up to super fine grit and water. No polish, and then in the end you have a beautiful stone,” said Ryan.

Ryan and Michelle have shipped their creations as far as Australia. It’s pretty cool to see a hobby, gone right.

“It’s a different feeling waking up every day and being able to do something that you love and work with stuff that other people are going to enjoy,” said Ryan.

Michelle added, “It’s really fun to be able to make something and have somebody just treasure it.”

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