GTPulse: New Studio in Traverse City Offers Crystal Healing

Beth Roberts is what I imagine Mother Nature would look like in human form. I first met Beth at a belly dancing class I was at for a story from a few months back. I ran into her again at a chakra dancing class at New Moon Yoga. She exudes feminine energy and uses a host of holistic health practices in her everyday life. I’ve enjoyed each encounter I’ve had with Beth and she reached out to me to talk about her new venture to bring a little bit of healing magic to Traverse City with her new crystal healing studio Cosmeos Crystal Healing.

Located in the Front Row Centre on East Front Street, Cosmeos is Beth’s new space for crystal healing. Meditative music plays in the background and a table is laid out underneath sun spilling down from skylights.

“There’s a little more ambiance at night,” she said.

That might be true, but the aura of the space is calming nonetheless. I’m unfamiliar with crystals beyond enjoying their beauty, so I was curious to know how they’re used for healing purposes.

“There’s physics involved with energy and crystals basically work because they have a repeating crystalline geometric structure to them. So they’re really stable energy-wise like their vibrational levels are really stable. Us, we’re not stable.”

The crystals are placed upon various chakras to draw out negative energy. Different crystals are used to heal different chakras. It all comes down to what the individual needs.

Beth offered to do a crystal healing ceremony for me and I never say no to anything that could potentially help me feel more balanced, calm and happy, which is exactly what crystal healing is intended for.

“I would say mostly it’s for emotional healing. Like if you’re feeling stressed is a huge one, everybody’s stressed these days or you just don’t feel like you’re open and your heart chakras aren’t open, you don’t feel like you’re connecting with other people. That’s something. So I think it’s mostly just because people are so frazzled these days, they just want to have a nice pampering experience.”

We started with me laying down on her healing table and being covered with a blanket and a weighted eye mask to block out the light, so the entire process is done without the person being healed seeing anything. The darkness is good for going into a meditative state which is what Beth wants her clients to feel. She rung a bell a few times around my head, not a particularly loud or large one, and she does this to further the healing process through vibrational sound.

Beth identifies energy imbalances by hovering a pendulum over each chakra. From there she places various crystals on the chakra points in accordance with what she thinks will provide balance. I could feel the slight changes in weight, and there was something grounding about the quiet and the small weight distribution throughout my torso.

I almost fell asleep during the 30 minutes or so I was on the table, and when we were finished I felt relaxed, refreshed and happy. Crystal healing is just one of many energy cleaning practices that help people feel like their best selves, and Beth encourages people to combine crystal healing with other practices like reiki, meditation and sound healing.

“Sound healing is one I want to get into eventually. It’s again, vibration. You go into a different world.”

You’ll go into a different world after a healing session with Beth, too. It’s not difficult to drop off into a near sleep during a session, and there’s something to be said about someone taking time to care for you. Beth has gained a lot through various healing practices and she’s happy to be able to offer some of those feelings of calm and well-being to people looking for a little more balance in their lives.

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