Michigan Civil Air Patrol Conducts Training Missions in Cadillac

The Michigan Civil Air Patrol took over the skies of Wexford County this weekend to train for emergency situations.

“We’re doing ELT searches, which is Emergency Locator Transmitter Beacon training, missing person searches. We’re doing some UAS drone training, and we’re also doing some aerial photography training,” says Incident Commander Tony Gutierrez

The Michigan Wing Civil Air Patrol is an important partner for Michigan State Police, local sheriff’s departments, emergency services, and even the United States Air Force.

Gutierrez says, “We can provide the proper assets that they might need- such as a missing person searches, missing aircraft.”Screen Shot 2020 03 07 At 8.46.58 Pm

The Civil Air Patrol simulated a search for a missing person on Saturday.

The squadron was divided into air teams, ground teams and a mission base.

All three had to coordinate to find the missing people.

“We have currently, right now, a (simulated) missing person search going on in our exercise and we have a mother and daughter that’s lost,” Gutierrez said. “We have an aircrew that’s up doing a visual search based on the information that we’ve gathered. The ground team starts from an area of last known point. And together they’ll collaborate and hopefully find the mother and daughter that’s out there.”

Squadron leaders say that each team plays a unique role and they have to work together to complete the mission.

“We work separately, but we work together. So they’re in communication with each other. The left-hand knows what the right hand is doing,” said Gareth Todd, commander of the Cadillac High Point Composite Squadron.

The training spans over Saturday and Sunday as they perfect their skills for an upcoming Air Force evaluation.