Traverse City Courthouse Getting Brand New X-Ray Machine

The Traverse City courthouse is getting an upgrade.

The goal is to make sure the building is as safe as possible.

Right now the courthouse only has a metal detector.

They plan to add a new x-ray machine to the corridor thanks in part to a WRAP grant.

This machine will check people and their bags entering the courthouse to better detect unauthorized items.03 06 20 Gt Courthouse X Ray Scanner

An x-ray machine was installed last year in the Robert P. Griffin Hall of Justice.

“It’s a little more advanced screening than just a metal detector and a visual observation of people coming into the court,” said County Administrator Nate Alger.

Alger says they’ve noticed the benefits and it’s a less-invasive form of security.

The court says it does not yet have a date for when the x-ray machine will be installed.