Caberfae Peaks Urges Skiers to Hit the Slopes While Snow Lasts

With warmer temperatures heading our way, Caberfae workers say guests have been calling to ask if they missed out on their chance to ski or snowboard.

Front desk assistant Angela Grotrian said, “The biggest question today is how much snow do you still have and long will it be around?”

Manager Pete Meyer says the changing temperatures have been kind to the hills.

He says, “Even though we’ve had some warm and sunny days, the nights are still cold. So it allows the snow to set up and cool off and you have a nice firm snow in the morning and it gradually softens throughout the day.”03 06 20 Caberfae Busy Weekend Pkg 1

He says crews have been working around the clock to keep conditions perfect for their visitors.

“We ran our snow guns for over 500 hours. Pumped over 50 million gallons of water to build up a 4 to 5 foot base on the slopes,” Meyer said.

They say if you’re itching to get out now is actually the perfect time.

Meyer says, “March is the best time to ski. Ya know the weather is going to get nice. The suns going to come out. So you can come out and enjoy the snow while we still have it.”

With the end-of-the-season rush, Caberfae says you might want to call ahead.