GOP Issues Bill in Response To Gov. Whitmer’s Gas Tax

Gov. Whitmer already put her plan to fix the roads in motion.

The state will sell bonds to raise money to fund 122 projects across the state on only main trunk and state roads.

Now many are wondering what about the rest?

State Rep. O’Malley says, “She’s raising $3.5 billion and 98% of the money is going to southern Michigan, but specifically, southeast Michigan.”

Republicans officially issued their response this week.3 3 20 Manistee State Of The Streets Vo 6.transfer

“The problem that Michigan has is not just that we have pot holes, it’s that we’re paying three taxes at the pump and only two of those taxes go to the roads,” said Rep. Chatfield.

The GOP’s bill package would remove sales tax on Michigan gas and replace it with an equivalent that will all go directly to the roads.

“We would shift that sales tax to a gas tax and that 6 cents on a gallon of gas would generate $855 million a year that would go towards roads,” Rep. O’Malley says.

Rep. O’Malley says we need a plan that focuses on local roads, too.

“92% of the roads in the state are local and we want to make sure that those are repaired.”

The bill also includes protections for school funding.

“It would hold school aid harmless and it gets local money to local roads,” O’Malley said.

At the end of the day, state lawmakers just want a solution.

Rep. Chatfield said, “We can’t keep focusing on the symptoms of the problem. The symptom is that there’s a pot hole in the road. We have to look at the root of the problem.”