Federal Judge Invalidates Michigan Medicaid Work Requirements

A federal court struck down the work requirements for Michigan Medicaid beneficiaries.

The judge blocked the state from enforcing work requirements for about 650,000 recipients of the state’s expanded Medicaid program.

The initial law was passed in 2018 and signed into law by former Governor Rick Snyder.

It requires able-bodied adults receiving Medicaid under the Healthy Michigan Plan to complete 20 hours per week, or 80 hours per month of workforce engagement.

Late last month the governor said she had filed a motion to get the requirement rule thrown out.

Barring a court decision, the state on March 10 was preparing to notify more than 80,000 enrollees in Michigan’s Medicaid expansion program that they did not comply with reporting requirements for January and would lose their coverage on May 31 if they did not report for February and March.