TC New Tech Pitch Night Hears Five New, Innovative Ideas

“The amount of talent that’s come out of TC New Tech is pretty phenomenal,” said Sarah Hunt, the development director for TC New Tech.

Innovators in northern Michigan pitched their ideas Tuesday night, hoping to turn an idea into a reality.

Think Shark Tank but without the celebrities. Tc Pitch Night

TC New Tech hosts pitch night once a month to give start-ups the opportunity to collaborate and network.

Tuesday night, five presenters pitched their ideas to the audience, who got to decide which one is best.

“The idea is to connect and collaborate and get those ideas and just start an ecosystem of growth and business in the area,” said Hunt.

TC New Tech pitch night allows people of all ages to take the stage.

Each group gets only five minutes to try to wow the audience with their innovative idea.

“They’re coming here to just share their idea whether they’re looking for funding from an investor or maybe they’re looking for opportunity to grow their network,” said Hunt.

After the presentation, the audience gets five minutes to ask questions and they’ll ultimately decide who walks away with the $500 cash prize.

“It’s a nice little staple to start and it’s also just something to say I won this pitch,” said Hunt.

Organizers say there’s a need for the ideas presented Tuesday night.

A need for companies like Junction AI, presented by Vance Reavie.

“We’re using artificial intelligence to look at images and copy that advertisers or marketers create and we can tell them whether it’s going to be successful and how to make it more successful,” said Reavie.

He says data shows the average person may see between 5,000 to 10,000 ads a day without even realizing it.

That’s why it’s important for companies to stand out.

“It is really critical that you get it right and cut through,” said Reavie.

Reavie says pitch night is a great opportunity for his company.

“I absolutely love it because of the feedback and the energy and the discussions after and the questions that people have,” said Reavie.

Two Elk Rapids students won Tuesday night.

They presented their virtual reality hike concept.

You can hear from them next week on the Four.