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Celebrating Reading Month With Rudyard Author Arthur Brood

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March is reading month and schools across Northern Michigan are inviting guest speakers to encourage students to read more.

A Chippewa County school was able to celebrate in a special way with a local author.

Lincoln Elementary School in Sault Ste. Marie invited award-winning educator and local children’s author, to get students fired up about reading.

Brood has written three books, including one he presented at an assembly, “Bud, My Adventure Across America.”

“The story took place in 1903 and it was the very first car trip across America. I just thought that would make a great story from the dog’s point of view,” said Brood.

“The distraction of technology is a real big factor I believe in kid’s reading today. My goal is to find something that kids would be interested in.”

You can find a link to Arthur Brood’s website by

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