Three Emmet County Men Arrested in SANE Cocaine Investigation

02 29 20 Adam Albrecht Group MugsThree men are facing decades in prison after an investigation by a Northern Michigan drug team.

Straights Area Narcotics says they were looking into the sale of cocaine in Emmet County.

They say they identified a man who was selling it and his source.

On February 11, SANE searched Adam Albrecht’s home in Alanson

Officers say they discovered cocaine, cash and other evidence.

He is being charged with multiple counts of delivery of cocaine, conspiracy and maintaining a drug house.

Brett Williams and Darren Robinson were also at the house during the search.

They are facing charges for delivery and/or conspiracy to deliver cocaine which carries a punishment of 20 years in prison and/or $25,000.

SANE says the charges against all three men are currently pending.