Coronavirus Crisis: Dow Plunges 1,190 Points Amid Outbreak Fears

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For the fourth time, the Trump administration is briefing Congress on the coronavirus Friday.

It comes as lawmakers continue to work on a bill to fund the U.S. response to the outbreak.

Fears over the coronavirus are sending stocks plummeting on Wall Street.

The DOW suffered its worst one-day point drop ever Thursday, falling nearly 1,200 points.

The Nasdaq also lost 414 points and the S&P dropped 137 points, finishing at 2,978.

Adding to the concern, a woman in California has been diagnosed with coronavirus and health officials don’t know where she got it.

That makes it the first un-traced case in the U.S.

Dr. Bela Matyas, a health officer in California, says, “The patient, we don’t know what their exposure was…at some point, the patient became ill enough to warrant testing for coronavirus and it came back positive.”

Battles against the virus are ramping up around the world with infections now on every continent except Antarctica.

In Japan, all schools in the country will be closed until late March.

And now the U.S. Navy’s pacific fleet is ordering all ships leaving high risk countries to quarantine at sea for 14 days.

Local health experts want you to know the signs and symptoms of the coronavirus. Find that information and more here.