Mount Pleasant Businesses Discuss Impact of Central, Western Game Heading to Detroit in 2020

Central Michigan University announced plans Wednesday to play the Central-Western rivalry football game to Ford Field in Detroit this year.

The game will be considered a home game for CMU in October and cap off a week of events centered around the university in the Detroit area.

But some Mount Pleasant businesses are not cheering the decision to move the big game.

The move to bring the 2020 addition of the Central-Western football game to Ford Field puts both CMU and one of the state’s biggest football rivalries under a major spotlight.

“This is not just about a football game. This is about Central Michigan University’s commitment to the metro Detroit area, to Southeastern Michigan, to our alumni, to our supporters to the current students, to the potential students and their families and to the many businesses and organizations we work with,” said CMU President Robert Davies.

But some Mount Pleasant businesses, including Dog Central say they’ll miss out on what’s usually one of their busiest weekends.

“It’s one of those weekends for us in town that we always look forward to, it’s probably our biggest weekend of the year on the year that we have Western weekend. I’ll do more in sales on Western weekend than I’ve done in some months before,” said owner Paul McFall.

The university hopes there are some long term benefits to taking the game on the road while local bars and restaurants hope to see the tradition of central/western remain between Kalamazoo and Mount Pleasant.

“We talked about the long term situation, sure for one weekend the game will not be there, but as we build the excitement, as we build the brand as we build more opportunities and connections with the alumni, with potential students, with current students, that will continue to move forward and grow,” said Davies.

“It’s just such a great tradition in town. I went to school here, the Western weekend is huge. It’s one of those things that’s nostalgic,” said McFall.

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