Hook & Hunting: Manistee Deer Cull

After a successful deer cull, 810 pounds of venison was donated to local food pantries in Manistee. 

The city has been dealing with a growing population of deer.

There have been traffic accidents involving deer and they have been causing property damage.

The Michigan DNR and the USDA carried out a deer culling on two separate dates this year.

30 deer were harvested, tested for disease then taken to a USDA processor.

Now, 810 pounds will be distributed through the pantries.

“I think it’s a significant amount that both food banks can utilize and have for several weeks to be able to give back to the community here to all of the people that are are in need. I have noticed also that there has been a thinning of the herd a little bit,” said

This is the second year the cull has happened and the city plans to do it every year.

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