Fife Lake Township Holds Townhall About Proposed Brownfield Plan

Fife Lake Township opened up the floor to hear people’s concerns about the plan at their meeting, on Thursday.

Many asking Grand Traverse County to bring back their peace and quiet.

“It’s unsettling to hear all the time. You can’t hear the birds. You can’t hear ya know, things you might to normally out in our area,” says community member Gerianne Street.

Some in Fife Lake don’t like the Brownfield plan for the former Pugsley Correctional Facility that would add 20 acres to extend the gun range.

They say this plan will take away the quiet they moved here for.02 27 20 Fife Lake Twshp Pugsley Mee

“Last year the noise went up a lot.” Gerianne Street says she used to love the peacefulness of Fife Lake, but the constant noise of law enforcement gunshots have made her uneasy on her own property.

Gerianne says, “We have horses and my granddaughters ride. Ya know, it’s so unpredictable. We don’t want to let them ride when they might start firing.”

This Fife Lake Township townhall let community members, like Gerianne, have a say about the project.

One community member said, “Yes there is a need for such facilities but there’s better places for those facilities.”

Another concerned member also said, “I have had relatives that have lived in this township since 1877. 1877, officers. This is not what we want in our township.”

Gerianne says their community is ready to fight for their land.

She hopes the County Board votes no.

“Tonight we want them to say no to the brownfield,” says Gerianne. “Our big goal would be no to the land bank even selling them the property.”

The board is expected to reach their decision on Friday.