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Michigan Announces ‘Be Counted’ Campaign For 2020 Census

Census Pic

The 2020 Census is coming up fast and the state says this may be the most crucial count in recent history.

The census count is used to determine how federal funds are distributed as well as representation in Congress.

The more people counted in Michigan, the more we get.

“We’re really seeing this as an all hands on deck moment,” says Lieutenant Governor Garlin Gilchrist at a US Census press conference at the State Capitol Building Wednesday.

Michigan wants you. They want you to take part in the 2020 Census. They want to count every single one of the near 10 million Michiganders out there and they are pulling out all the stops.

Including unprecedented funding for the ‘Be Counted’ campaign, an investment with a return of big time federal funding.

“That funding that should come to Michigan, will instead go to Ohio, Wisconsin, Indiana and the other states across the nation,” sats Rep. Julie Called of Portland.

If the count isn’t correct, Michigan will most likely lose a representative in Congress this year and miss out on all that money.

“That’s all true but I think we have to have a more positive outlook for this opportunity,” says Garlin, “This is about pride. People in Michigan are proud people and we are proud to be from Michigan.”

This is clearly an important census to the state of Michigan because they’re putting their money where their mouth is. Never before has money been appropriated for a census campaign, let alone $16 million they are putting towards 2020. Michiganders will be seeing this campaign all across the state on TV, in government offices, in their mailbox and the radio.

“If other states don’t do as good a job as we do and we get a complete count,” says Kerry Singh, executive director of Michigan Census 2020, “That’s the only thing that can help support us.”

In Northern Michigan it’s more crucial as ever to make it easy to be counted. The state will lean heavy on government agencies to help reach every corner.

“It will all be mobilized to have Internet access in lobbies,” says Singh, “In case folks don’t have Internet access at home but also question and answer centers.”

You have until April 30th to respond to the Census before workers come looking for missed population.