East Jordan Plans Waterfront Revitalization Thanks to Several Million Dollar Grant

“People are going to be excited to see what’s going on at the waterfront,” said East Jordan City Administrator Tom Cannon. Img 3904

Cannon says Lake Charlevoix and the Jordan River are crucial to the community.

“They also are the barrier for our community, where it hasn’t always been easy to cross both sides,” Cannon said.

Since 2017, the city has been working on a plan to revitalize the waterfront, looking to creating a place for people to hang out, but also a better way to cross the river.

“Joining the two areas in a much more pedestrian friendly way is really what our overall goal was,” Cannon said.

The city received a grant of more than $2 million to make the project happen.

“We are very fortunate to receive this grant, these types of projects just aren’t possible with the budget the city of East Jordan typically has,” Cannon said. “Without the grant, this wouldn’t be possible.”

Part of the project sets aside a piece of land as “redevelopment ready” for *new businesses to come in and be a part of the downtown.

“We’re confident that there’s going to be a lot of developers interested in this, and when they see the waterfront and the investment the city is making in that area, I think it will become that much more attractive,” Cannon said.

“It’s a win, win, and a very positive project all around,” said East Jordan Chamber of Commerce President Mary Faculak. “This is a very exciting time.”

The chamber of commerce says this project is not just great for bringing in new business, but is also an opportunity for those already in town.

“This project will give them an opportunity to look at possible ways that they can extend products or services,” Faculak said.

The city plans on breaking ground on the project Spring 2020 and hopes to have things finished up by Spring 2021.