Vice President Pence Visits Michigan For Campaign Rally

Vice President Mike Pence was back in Michigan, this time meeting with farmers and pushing for more support this campaign season.

The Vice President began his trip in Michigan with a speech to the Farm Bureau before taking a bus trip to Troy where he spoke in front of a few hundred supporters for a Keep America Great Rally.

“That’s what leadership looks like,” said Vice President Pence to the rally crowd, “That’s the leadership of President Donald Trump.”

It was less policy speech and more campaign rally, recapping the wins for the Trump Administration the last three years.

“This president has delivered on all the promises that he made to Michigan and then some,” said Pence.

Wins for republicans like military funding.

“The largest increases to our military budget since the days of Ronald Reagan,” said Pence.

And immigration reform.

“Historic investments in border security,” said Pence.

Of course, not everybody was impressed by the message and that included outside the rally where dozens of protesters stood in front of the children’s hospital calling for healthcare reform.

“We can afford this it’s very easy,” says Karen Adams, “We can do this as a nation and we should be ashamed that we don’t.”

The most recent budget proposal from President Trump came with massive cuts to Medicare and Medicaid.

“They’re trying to play word games,” says Pontiac mayor Deirdre Waterman, “What we want are real solutions. We don’t want fake solutions with fake news out there, to use his term.”

Michigan is once again going to be crucial this election and these early season rallies show why.

“There are real needs for real people here and that’s what Michigan Dems want to tell him,” said Waterman.

“Michigan said yes to President Donald Trump in 2016,” said Pence, “I know that Michigan is going to say yes to four more years of President Donald Trump in 2020.”