Pigeon River Country State Forest Adding Almost 600 Acres

A Northern Michigan state forest is growing by nearly 600-acres

The Elk Forest at the Black River will now be part of the Pigeon River Country State Forest.

The DNR says the deal finalized last month is valued at more than $2 million.

The 597 acre property is east of Vanderbilt in Montmorency County.

The money came in equal parts from Michigan’s Forest Legacy Program and the DNR’s Land Exchange Facilitation Fund.

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation also donated $75,000 donation towards the purchase.

The DNR says the land will be used for hiking, skiing and other outdoor activities.

One official says it adds “a gem to the crown of Michigan’s public lands.”

CORRECTION: This web story used to say, falsely, that the deal is valued at more than $200 million.