Michigan House Bill Could Make Declawing Cats Illegal

A group of Michigan lawmakers are supporting a bill that could make declawing a cat illegal.

House Bill 5508 would make the surgery to declaw a feline a civil infraction and possibly a $1,000 fine.

The bill has 21 cosponsors so far.

One of them is Republican Representative Tommy Brann, owner of the Brann Steakhouse in Wyoming, Michigan.

He has three cats and says he would not want to one his family companions through a painful surgery.

“I’m not saying it’s done out of not loving your cat, I just think it’s traumatic and cruel,” Brann said.

Namiko Ota-Noveskey, the Public Health Program Supervisor at the Kent County Animal Shelter, says it is very different than a person trimming their nails.

She explained, “It’s actually a little bit more than fingernails. It’s removing the first digit, like an amputation.”

Opponents say the decision should be between a veterinarian and a pet owner.

They also suggest it could lead to fewer cat adoptions at shelters.

A similar law was enacted in New York State in June.

Their veterinarian association says there is no evidence the law has had any impact on adoption rates.

Parts of this article first appeared on WOODTV. You can find the original article here