Stand Up for Great Lakes Silent Auction for Great Lakes Cleanup

A nonprofit in Traverse City is on a mission to paddleboard across all five great lakes.

Stand Up For Great Lakes wants to raise money and awareness to protect our freshwater.

On Friday they held their 2nd annual silent auction fundraiser at Right Brain Brewery.

Kirsten Weber has never been on a paddleboard.

Once she heard about Stand Up for Great Lakes and their mission she put it on her bucket list because she’s proud of where she comes from.

“It’s awesome when people ask where you are from and you say Traverse City and they’re like oh my gosh! I love that place. It’s beautiful.”

Stand Up For Great Lakes wants to keep it beautiful so they’re doing what they can to help.

Stand Up for Great Lakes team member, Megan Morris says, “We want to keep these beaches clean like they were for us when we were growing up and all the future generations to come.”

Friday’s silent auction was to raise money for those efforts.

All of the items for the auction were donated by the community, for the community.

Weber says, “Traverse City is growing, but I love that we’re still a small community and we’re always there to like come together and help, you know, clean up. We’re bringing in all of the tourism. We need help cleaning up the beaches after all of our events.”

Their goals don’t stop there.

Stand up for Great Lakes wants their work to continue for generations to come.

Morris says, “Ultimately, our goal is to be able to give scholarships to kids who have like-minded goals as us. Give back to the community in any way that we can.”

The team’s next big journey will happen this June when they plan to cross Lake Ontario.